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Sippin’ green tea. In your seventh house

Spilled the new tea. Makes my face frown

Wooden cutlery. Fit the homemade pie

Your complimentary. Man, it makes me shy

You look so happy. When I’m here. When I’m here

I wont tell no I won’t lie. I’ll be your friend


Hey what’s new? Tell me his name

I won’t lie. I won’t tell. Cause I’ll be your friend

Living your life.

Must be tough man. All that shithead

Oh these games will never end

Sexy flower prints. Its your thing I know

Looks so good on you. Oh I love you so

Even when I’m not with you. Not with you

I won’t tell no I won’t lie

Cause I’ll be your friend - Always

Always 2x - Cause I’ll be your friend

Tell me all about that now. Today, tomorrow

I Would like to know all ‘bout your life and much more

Your big enough to stand tall. Let go off your ego

I would like to be your favourite for ever more. For ever more

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